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TheraGear Exercise #496

Yoga: Seated hip opener


Yoga: Seated hip opener 1Yoga: Seated hip opener 2

Exercise Description:
Yoga: Seated hip opener


Start in a seated cross-legged position, place the right heel towards the groin and lift the left leg up, bend the knee, place the left hand around the outside of the left knee and the left foot to the inside of the right elbow. If you have the flexibility in the hip, interlock the fingers or just hold onto the knee and foot and rock the hip from side to side. Keep your spine lengthened and lifted, sitting bones rooted down towards the floor and the crown lifting up towards the sky. Continue to shift the leg from side to side and hold this posture for 5 to 10 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Side Note:
Increases the mobility and flexibility of the glute/hip, knee, ankle and lower back. Alleviates back pain. Alleviates hip pain. Improves circulation and reduces inflammation in the knees.

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