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TheraGear Staff
Health and Fitness News Article - TheraGear Article Resource

7 Reasons To Include Plyometrics In Your Training Routine

Article #134

Plyometric exercises are included in training regimens of athletes across different sports. However, many remain unaware of its benefits in terms of enhancing athletic performance. This is particularly true among endurance athletes. Many think that plyometrics would only benefit those who need explosive movements, but the fact is doing these exercises can bring out the best in your performance regardless of what sport youíre in. And even if youíre just an ordinary Joe, itís still a good idea to include plyometrics in your routine. The following are 7 reasons why everyone should do plyometrics every day.

1. Burn more calories.

Plyometric exercises are high-intensity in nature. Explosive jumps, rapid sprints and quick shifts in direction can give you a fantastic workout within a short period of time. This is precisely why plyometrics is so effective at burning fat. It speeds up your metabolism for the following 24 to 48 hours, which means you will be burning those calories even after you finish your routine.

2. Enhance athletic performance.

As mentioned, plyometrics is a great addition to any training routine regardless of what sport youíre playing. All the movements you execute in plyo allow you to build strength and speed, two elements that prove to be beneficial to any athlete.

3. Utilize your time more efficiently.

One of the things many people ignore is the amount of time they spend on working out. In many cases, you might not notice that you arenít making the best use of your time at the gym. While using an elliptical machine has its benefits, you can get more out of your time by engaging in high-intensity exercises that burn more fat. By switching to plyometric exercises, you can guarantee that your heart will be pumping within a short period of time.

4. Build explosive power.

The primary benefit of doing plyometrics is strength gain. It also promotes the efficiency of fast twitch muscle fibers. If you are not into lifting weights, you can simply turn to plyometrics and still gain a massive amount of strength. The key is picking the right exercises and executing them with proper form. Constantly challenging your muscles by intensifying your exercise routine makes it possible to break down muscle fibers and allow them to rebuild stronger.

5. Improve coordination.

Some people make the excuse of being too clumsy to engage in any form of physical activity. Plyometrics helps solve this problem by improving your coordination. Plyometric exercises require the coordination of different body parts for proper execution. At first, it might feel awkward to jump on boxes and make sudden shifts in direction. But over time, you will inevitably develop coordination which directly translates to a boost in athletic performance. Thatís one fewer reason not to hit the gym.

6. Boost cardiovascular health.

Doing just a handful of plyometric exercises can get your heart rate up quickly. Not to mention, box jumps and bench sprints are more fun and interesting than running on the treadmill. This is an excellent way to spice up your workout routine while ensuring that you still have exercises that improve your heart health.

7. Maintain bone and joint health.

One of the most important benefits of any form of resistance training is maintaining the health of your bones and joints. Plyometrics, in particular, allows you to build strong and healthy bones and joints due to the nature of the exercises. Itís important to remember that plyo isnít all about building explosive power that helps you push off the ground harder. A huge part of it is also reducing the force as you go down. By doing plyometrics every day, the muscle fibers become stronger and more flexible, which helps avoid injury and improve endurance as well.

These are just some of the reasons why you should include plyometrics in your training routine. Keep in mind that plyo isnít limited to power athletes. Anyone can benefit from doing plyo as it helps increase strength, improve overall health and protect against injury.

Jonathan Leger is a small business owner and freelance writer. He also runs a popular question and answer site at