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Health and Fitness News Article - TheraGear Article Resource

Planning For The Holidays

Article #14

Now is the time to plan for the upcoming holiday season. Too many times the holidays are upon us, and we realize we're losing control. Too many parties, eating too much, drinking too much, lack of sleep, forgetting to exercise and skipping breakfast all week, because of running late. Next thing you know, those pounds you worked so hard to lose all year are back, and they brought a few friends along.

Don't fret, it's not unavoidable. All you need to do is start planning now. You know it's going to be busy for the rest of the year, business parties, family gatherings, deadlines, and reduced sleep. By planning now, you can ease through the holidays with a little less stress and be a whole lot healthier (maybe that holiday bulge won't return this year).


Usually the first thing dropped from the schedule when people start feeling stressed.

  1. Make appointments in your schedule for your weight training and cardio sessions now.
  2. If time is short, and you need to cut back a little, try cardio circuits while weight training. (i.e.: 5 min. cardio warm-up, 10 min. weights, 3-4 min cardio; repeat 3-4 times, and end with 5-10 min of cardio and stretching.)

  3. Join in on the family football game, make snow angles with the kids, or go for a walk with your mom after "the big meal".
  4. Remember a little exercise is better than none, so plan ahead.


We have all heard the media's repeated suggestions that we curb our urges to eat, drink, and be merry. They suggest we eat before parties and then fill up on raw vegetables. Sounds good, and we've all tried, but it just doesn't get the job done. We end up eating more and then feeling guilty.

  1. Your goal is to try to balance the bigger picture of your eating, and not focus in so much on that 4000 calorie Thanksgiving meal and the candy you ate the night before.
  2. If you eat a high fat meal, follow it up with a low-fat meal. If you eat a lot of fatty foods all day, follow it up with a lowfat day, or even week.

  3. Be diligent on drinking your water. Lack of proper hydration can halt any weightloss from occurring.
  4. Remember, nobody's diet is perfect this time of year, so don't get down on yourself. Plan for those high fat meals, days or even weeks now and you'll survive the holidays just fine.


It's that time of year again. Can't avoid it, what to do? Stop in gym for an extra cardio session, meet your trainer for a much needed stress relieving workout, get a massage, or take in a yoga or pilates class. Take control, exercise is a great way to reduce the stress and give you a clear head to handle this busy time of year. Happy Holidays from your friends at Personal Fitness. Dennis Dewane, CFT