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TheraGear Staff
Health and Fitness News Article - TheraGear Article Resource

Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Article #140

The holidays are often the best times for reflection. Young children focus on the moment with family and presents, but for the rest of us, the holiday season arrives with much nostalgia. Adults find themselves remembering the holidays their parents gave them long ago.

If you were graced with the pleasure of many memorable holidays during your childhood, it may be time to return the favor. The human body tends to go through many changes as it ages. As energy levels begin to fall, it becomes easier to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. A holiday gift is a great option for any seniors in your family who may need more activity in their lives. The following are some gift ideas for seniors.

  1. Tai Chi Classes: In general, course-centered fitness works fabulously with the lifestyles of seniors. The class setting lets seniors partake socially, while also exercising. Tai chi is an easy, low-impact system of exercises that works perfectly with the ability of seniors. From reducing blood pressure to helping with arthritis, tai chi is a peaceful way to work on flexibility.

  2. Athletic Headphones: Though much of the music seniors choose to listen to may not be the typical music we like to exercise with, the addition of music always helps with exercise. Buying a good brand of athletic headphones that retain low decibel rates and can wrap around the ears can be an exercise-spurring gift. Be sure that your senior doesn’t have any hearing issues that may conflict with the type of headphones you pick.

  3. Juice-Bar Equipment: The smoothie and juice craze has been in full swing as people are embracing a more active lifestyle. Juicing food has innumerable benefits to seniors’ diets, one of which is introducing diversity into their daily schedule. Breaking down food to a juice or drink disintegrates pockets of nutrients and minerals. This makes them far easier to consume and be absorbed by the body, which may be perfect for seniors.

  4. Foam Roller and Yoga Mat: Stiffness is a huge burden for people as they age. It is estimated that by 2040, over 78 million Americans will have arthritis. This disease can be worked on with a beneficial diet, but an active lifestyle and stretching always help. Items like foam rollers, yoga mats, and stretching cages keep joints warm and flexible. Over time, stretching with these items can greatly help mobility.

Starting Your Own Gym

If your loved one is interested in exercising from home, you may be of great assistance there, too. Gyms at home need not be overly complicated or flashy (especially for older individuals). All that is needed are some essentials. Consider your senior’s favorite cardio equipment like a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or rowing machine. Weights like kettlebells are easy additions that are also easy to handle. Lastly, consider adding a bench as well as a poster that gives a diverse amount of differing movements one could do with the equipment.

Another great gift idea for a senior’s home gym is a digital pedometer and heart-rate-monitoring device. These devices often come in the form of a watch and are very useful for people (like seniors) who like to keep track of their work rate while exercising.

Leading a healthy lifestyle well into old age can significantly extend seniors’ lives. That, paired with healthy eating, ensures your parents and grandparents should stick around long enough to share more holidays with the family. What could be better than that?


Photo credit: Pixabay

Hazel Bridges