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TheraGear Staff
Health and Fitness News Article - TheraGear Article Resource

Breathing And The Spine

Article #18

Each breath we take moves our spine through its primary movement patterns: extension and flexion. When our spine's movement is restricted, our breathing is restricted, and vice versa. If our workout ignores these restrictions, we stay in a rut of habitual patterns of restricted movement and breathing, limiting our capacity for grace, core stability, and emotional expression.

Full, deep breathing brings many significant benefits and the natural way to invite full deep breaths is to first develop a complete exhalation. Theragear balls and Core Disc cushions can teach us to strengthen, open, and balance the structures that support a complete exhalation. These playful tools can help us to free up the pelvis which is so deeply restricted by a lifetime of chair sitting.

When the iliopsoas, threading through the pelvis, begins to lengthen and stabilize the link between legs and spine, we discover a deeper exhalation as our natural birthright. Once our exhalation is supported by an open, powerful lower body, our in-breath is free to fill and expand the chest. Our natural breathing rhythm can then do its healing work throughout our physical, emotional, and spiritual experience.

Martial arts, yoga and Feldenkrais movements and sound all cultivate a powerful exhalation. We can use the balls to free restrictions
and clarify connections between the pelvis, spine, and rib cage, thus giving us the delightful taste of full complete breathing.

Deedee Eisenberg, PhD
Viniyoga and Feldenkrais Method Instructor