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Health and Fitness News Article - TheraGear Article Resource


Article #19

Arthritis is probably the most common reason that people give for not exercising. It is not just for the old anymore; people of all ages can suffer from arthritis. Did you know that a safe and effective program of moderate exercise could offset the pain associated with the disease?

Most people think exercise will make their condition worsen. Quite the opposite actually, doing nothing will allow the disease to progress. A well-rounded program including flexibility, strengthening, and cardiovascular exercise can not only reduce the effects of arthritis, but will improve your overall health as well.

Now the tricky part, how to get started. First, get the OK from your doctor. Next, try to include 15 - 30 minutes of strengthening and flexibility exercises, along with 20- 60 minutes of moderate, low-impact aerobics (i.e. walking, rowing, biking, etc.) at least three times per week. Start slow, then gradually increase the intensity. The key to exercising with arthritis is to never exercise to the point of pain. The certified personal trainers at Personal Fitness have experience in the management of arthritis, and can help you develop an appropriate exercise program.

How exercise can decrease the effects of Arthritis:

·Cardiovascular exercise (low-impact) helps reduce the psychological and emotional pain that goes with arthritis, and improves your overall health.

·Excess body fat causes an increased strain on joints so maintaining a healthy weight is important.

·Flexibility exercises increase range of motion, thus decreasing stiffness in affected joints.

·Arthritis can cause poor posture, decreased balance and coordination, all of which can be improved with regular exercise.

·Exercise strengthens muscles and makes getting around easier, making your daily routine easier.

·People with arthritis are susceptible to Osteoarthritis because of decreased activity. Exercise (especially weight bearing) has been shown to reduce or even prevent bone density loss.

·Exercise is great for helping to control stress.

·People who exercise regularly tend to be less depressed, which is important with a crippling disease like arthritis.

·Exercise helps people sleep better, and who couldn't use a good nights sleep?

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Dennis M. Dewane,
IDEA Elite Personal Trainer