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TheraGear Staff
Health and Fitness News Article - TheraGear Article Resource

Fat Burning And Muscle Building Workout

Article #46

Most people who want to burn off some excess pounds and tighten and tone their bodies simply dont have 2 hours each day to spend in the gym performing the bodybuilding style workouts that most fitness experts recommend.

Plus, these workouts consist of exercises and techniques that do not exercise the body in the way it is normally used so they end up building a somewhat unusable strength. In my opinion, most people, unless their main objective is body building, shouldnt perform the traditional style workouts

While I do still believe that machine and free weight strength training is the best choice for body building, it is NOT the best choice when it comes to general fitness goals like strength, flexibility, endurance, etc.

I dont know about you, but I can barely fit in 15 minutes for exercise let alone 2 hours and I personally am not interested in muscle size alone (which doesnt mean strength and usually leaves you stiff and inflexible)! Im sure your schedule is probably the same. The good news though is you dont have to you can burn fat, increase flexibility, build unbelievable strength and endurance, reshape your body, and build a level of fitness that is truly functional.

I want to share with you a workout that I do personally that delivers a great combination of strength, flexibility, cardio and muscular endurance, and fat burning.

WARNING: The following workout will not only surprise you, but it will likely go against everything you ever thought to be true about fitness. Also, it is recommend you consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Are you ready? Good, here it is:

The following exercises should be performed with little or no rest between and you may need to adjust the number of repetitions or time depending upon your current fitness level.

Jumping Jacks 1 minute
Bodyweight squat (one-leg squat for advanced) 15-20 reps
Push-ups (slower reps for advanced) as many reps as possible
Kick butts (jog in place and kick your rear with both heels) 1 minute
Hamstring floor bridge (use swiss ball or one leg for advanced) - 15-20 reps
Superman (lying on stomach w/ arms out to side, lift legs and chest off floor) 15-20 reps
High knees (jog in place lifting knees as high as possible) 1 minute
Stationary lunge 15-20 reps
Torso rotations/twists 20 reps each direction
Side bends/reaches 20 reps each direction
Mountain climbers 1 minute (if you can J)
Wall sit as long as you can hold it
Dips (use chair/bench/stairs) as many reps as possible

There you have it sounds easy, right? That couldnt possibly do anything, right? I personally challenge you try it no, try it right now! Drop what you are doing and give it a shot and see for yourself. If you find it a bit easy, which I doubt, perform it 2-3 times thru without rest.

This workout will deliver more usable fitness results and benefits than any traditional gym or health club workout. Now, you can of course implement this type of workout in the gym and make it even better, but the beauty of this is you can do it anywhere!

Also, this is just one example and as you can imagine, there thousands of other exercises you can add or replace I actually recommend switching the exercises every 2-4 weeks or even better is to put together 3 or 4 different workouts and then rotate them.

If you are not familiar with one of the exercises just replace it with one you know that works the same part of the body. You can also learn all of these exercises along with dozens of others in my soon to be released video which will consists of several workouts like this that you can do anywhere to build and maintain awesome levels of fitness, even workouts with dumbbells, swiss balls, medicine balls, and more watch for it in coming months.

Jesse Cannone is a certified personal trainer and author of the best-selling fitness ebook, Burn Fat FAST. Be sure to sign up for his free email course as it is full of powerful weight loss and fitness tips that are guaranteed to help you get the results you want.

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by Jesse Cannone CFT, CPRS, CSPN